Congress is currently considering tax reform bills that include provisions that would negatively impact people with mental illness and their families.

Here’s How:

1. Increases the cost of health insurance.

  • Under the Senate bill, people will no longer be fined if they don't have health insurance (also known as the individual mandate).
  • This will increase the number of uninsured Americans by an estimated 13 million.
  • With fewer healthy people insured, premiums will increase - making insurance less affordable for people with mental health conditions.


2. Ends the tax deduction for medical expenses, which allows people who spend at least 10% of their income on medical expenses to deduct those costs from their taxes. This can include payments for:

  • Visits with psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists
  • Inpatient psychiatric and substance use stays
  • Transportation to mental health treatment
  • Mental health medications

The House bill will end this tax deduction, taking money out of the pockets of people with serious mental illness who can least afford it - and may even lead to people going without treatment.


3. Reduces incentives for affordable housing. 

  • The House bill will repeal the tax exemption on private activity bonds, which the National Housing Trust projects will result in 950,000 fewer units of affordable rental housing.
  • This will cause even greater challenges for people with serious mental illness who rely on the Section 811 program for housing.


Tell Congress tax reform shouldn’t harm people with mental illness.


NAMI is nonpartisan. We support policies that help people with mental health conditions and their families.

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